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when you take care of yourself, life is easier.



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"Let's take a step in the right direction." 

When we start to make good choices about the things we put into our bodies, we begin the work of bringing order to our lives. Everything outside of us begins within us. What goal do you have for your body? What would you like to improve on in your health? The most important step is the first one. 


Why is Cold Pressed Best?


Cold Pressed


Our nutrient dense juices are unlike the bottled juice you find at your local grocer’s middle-of-the-market juice bar.  We squeeze our fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press, extracting juice without heat. Cold pressing preserves nutritional value and produces juice with a higher vitamin content. Most grocery store chains juice overripe produce to draw profit from waste, but at Easy Living Juice Bar, our fruits and vegetables  are pressed fresh. We deliver the best tasting juice, and every blend is made with the customer's palette in mind.

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Easy Living Juice Bar LLC

1907 West 87th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60620, United States


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