1907 West 87th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60620, United States


 Easy Living Juice Bar LLC

when you take care of yourself, life is easier.


Our Story

How It Began

Easy Living Juice Bar is a small, family-owned and operated business. It was established with the intent to serve healthy food options not readily available to the community. Its founders are Chicago natives. Born and raised on the South and West sides of the city, they took note of the need for a restaurant with a health food focus. 

About Us

"Yes, we drink cold-pressed juice. But we enjoy sandwiches and muffins too!"

We're all about balance: our menu, our ambiance, and our staff. In addition to bottled, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice, we offer grilled chicken paninis, hot wraps, veggie burgers, salads, small pastries, and a variety of other products- some healthy and others just a treat! While we are not, nor do we consider ourselves, professional nutritionists, our goal is to introduce dietetic balance to the community. At Easy Living, we offer high quality food at fair prices. It is our hope to be of benefit in both the well-being and the wallets of our patrons.